Solar roof tile

How does it work?

20 év teljesítmény garancia

25 years performance warranty

Generon solar roof tiles are manufactured in Hungary, so warranty administration is easy and quick.
Nagy múltú hazai márka

A long-established domestic brand

100 years of experience in roof tile manufacturing


The installation of the Generon tiles is a cost-effective solution, as the cost of the investment will pay for itself within a few years.

Generon is green, eco-friendly

Terran Generon is built using concrete tiles, minimizing energy consumption and environmental impact.


Generon is fully compatible with the Terrán Zenit and Rundo product families.
Szakmai támogatás

Professional support

We are with you all the way through installation of the system. We provide complete administration, you just have to sit back, our experts will take care of everything for you.
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  • 15Wp/unit
  • 167Wp/m2
  • 6m2/1kWp
The innovation

From our local, family-owned roots, our company has grown to be an internationally renowned supplier of roofing materials. Terran Generon is the result of years of research and development. One unique feature of Generon is the integration of the photovoltaic cells directly onto the surface of the concrete roof tiles – an aesthetic and easy to use way to reduce energy costs. Generon combines Terran’s centuries of experience with modern technological advances. The result is an environmentally friendly, efficient energy producing roofing tile without compromise.

Red Dot
Red Dot Award 2021

The Red Dot Award, which dates back 65 years, is considered the most prestigious design award in the world. The Generon solar roof tile has also excelled internationally, as it won this first-class recognition too, in 2021.

Construma díj
Construma Award 2019

After its market launch Terrán Generon won the 2019 Construma Award. For the professional jury the innovation was the most important evaluation factor.

E.ON Energy Globe
E.ON Energy Globe Award 2019

In 2019, Terrán won the E.ON Energy Globe Award for its Generon solar roof tiles. The jury selected the most innovative and sustainable ideas from 150 applicants. Generon stood out from this field.

CIO Insights - TOP10 European Solar Tech Solution Providers
Europe's TOP 10 solar technology providers 2020

Florida-based Energy CIO Insights magazine recognized Terran with its Generon roof tile in 2020, as one of Europe’s top 10 solar technology providers.

Hazai Termék
"Hazai Termék" trademark

More than 50% of Generon's components are of Hungarian origin, and all processing steps take place in Hungary - therefore in 2020, our solar roof tile received the "Hazai Termék" trademark.


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