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  • Supplier: Terran Roof Tile Manufacturer, Ltd.
  • Founded: 1996
  • Responsible issuer: Company executive
  • Headquarters: H-7754 Bóly, Tompa Mihály u. 10, Hungary
  • Supplier contact, customer care, regular email:
  • Registration number: 02-09-064553
  • Tax ID: 11541264-2-02Registration authority: Registration Court of the General Court, Pécs
  • Phone number: +36-69/569-950
  • Fax: 36-69/569-951, 36-69/569-953
  • Data protection registration number: In process
  • Contract language: Hungarian

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  • 2-Pixels Bt.
  • H-7625 Pécs, Vilmos utca 26/2, Hungary
  • Phone: +36-70-369-1391
  • E-mail:

2. Definitions

In this „Agreement” below, terms shown in quotes have the following definitions:
2.1. „Supplier”: the legal entity providing the information.
2.2. „User”: each person using the website or the services made available thereon, in any manner.

3. Basic Provisions

3.1. Governing law: this „Agreement” and matters not covered herein shall be governed by Hungarian law, in particular Act V of 2013 Civil Code („Civil Code”) and the E-commerce and Information Services Act of 2001, §CVII („E-commerce Act”). The relevant provisions of the laws and regulations in force apply to all parties without specific stipulation.
3.2. Effective dates: this „Agreement” is effective from March 4, 2016 and shall remain in force until revoked. The „Supplier” may amend the terms of this „Agreement” from time to time, however the „Supplier” shall publish any amendment on its website 11 (eleven) days before they enter into force. By using the website, „User” agrees to the terms of this „Agreement”.
3.3. „User”, by accessing the website of „Supplier”, acknowledges and agrees to be bound by the terms of this „Agreement”.
3.4. „Supplier” reserves all rights to the website and its content. „User” is prohibited from storing or distributing any part of website’s content without the prior written consent of „Supplier”.

4. Limitation of Liability

4.1. „Supplier” affirms that the information contained on its website is accurate at the time of publication but assumes no liability for its completeness, accuracy or fitness for any particular purpose not listed therein.
4.2. „Supplier” is not responsible for consequential damages arising from the use of the information on its website.
4.3. „Supplier” retains the right to extend, modify or delete any part of the website’s content without any prior notice.
4.4. Changes made to the website without the authorization of „Supplier” are not binding upon it and „Supplier” disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of such content.
4.5. „User” assumes all responsibility for the use of content provided. „Supplier” is not liable for damages resulting from incorrect or incomplete information.
4.6. „Supplier” makes its best efforts to keep the website free of malware, however it does not warrant its continuous, error-free operation. „Supplier” shall not be liable for damages arising from the use of its website, including but not limited to lack of usability, inaccuracy, malware, and communications or server failure. „User” acknowledges that „Supplier” is not liable for damages to „User” devices, loss of data or unauthorized access to its network.

5. Intellectual Property

5.1. „User” may only use the information on the website for its own private purposes, such use is not compensated and must not be used to generate income, either directly or indirectly.
5.2. „User” may use the information presented on the website free of charge and such use does not require consent of „Supplier”. The free use provision applies provided that such use does not infringe on the rights of „Supplier” or any third party, does not harm the interests of „Supplier” and it conforms to the principles of good faith and fairness. „Supplier” retains the right to seek all remedies under applicable law for unauthorized or malicious use of the website or its content.
5.3. Commercial use of the any content of the website, including logos and trademarks, requires prior written content of „Supplier”.
5.4. Any content referenced, even with „Supplier” consent, must cite its source and link to „Supplier” website.
5.5. „Supplier” reserves all rights to all aspects of its service, the website and its domain names, subdomains, secondary domain names formed and the advertising surface of its website.
5.6. Adaptation or decoding any part of the website is prohibited, including but not limited to the use of tools or applications to modify or index any part thereof.
5.7. The name and logo of „Supplier” are protected by trademark and copyright laws. Their use by any party requires the prior written consent of „Supplier”.
5.8. „User” acknowledges that unauthorized use of information or assets of the website entitles „Supplier” to legal and financial remedies. Fines for unauthorized use may amount to HUF 70,000 per image and HUF 20,000 per word. „User” accepts these penalties as reasonable compensation and uses the website with this in mind. The costs of enforcement of the rights of „Supplier”, including but not limited to legal costs, are borne by „User”.

6. Data Protection

Terran-generon data protection information is found at privacy policy