Terran Generon is inspired by the Zenit product range. It is only suitable with Terran Zenit and Terran Rundo tiles.

  • min. 7,5 cm ventillation air-gap
  • long life underlays (We recommend our MediFol Longlife, MediFol TOP 270 and MediFol Silver underlays. For more information, please drop us a mail here.)
  • min. 20° roof angle

The enclosure size of the Terrán Generon module is 330 mm x 420 mm, identical to the size of the Terran Zenit or Terran Rundo rooftile.

One Generon module’s performance is 15 Wp. For 1 m2 the material requirement is 11.1 rooftiles. That results in 167 Wp/m2 overall performance.
A 1 kWp system will require about 6 m2 surface on the roof.

In Hungary the optimal placement is the south facing elevation. The east and west facing roofs can also be used to great effect. For more information about the optimal placement, please get in touch with our team.

For an output of 1 kWp, the Generon needs approx. 6 m2 of roof area.

Connected roof profiles with the appropriate alignment can be used. At the edges of the roof surface and the roof structure, at least two roof tiles (approx. 60 cm) must be left free. The roof surfaces must be covered with Terran Zenit or Terran Rundo roof tiles.

Yes, Terran Generon can be installed with restrictions that are generally applicable for solar systems. Only sections with the same orientation and angle of inclination can be connected to a circuit.

Failure is rare in the case of Generon, but if a module shows a performance deviation, it can be easily replaced. It is also advantageous that the failure of a single module does not cause the failure of the entire string. It is important to know that a single non-functioning module only leads to a power loss of 15 Wp, which is insignificant compared to the total power, so this does not bring about any noticeable change for the consumer.